Irene Linders is a Hilversum-based (NL) freelance Illustrator, (brand) Designer and vintage & design enthusiast. 
Her artistic journey commenced with the successful completion of the Multimedia Design program at Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht in 2010, providing her with a solid foundation in the intricate world of print and digital design. Eager to delve deeper into the realms of creativity, Irene pursued a Bachelor's degree in Illustration Design at the prestigious ArtEZ University of Arts in Zwolle, culminating in her graduation in 2014. 
The spark was ignited during a transformative chapter in her life – the moment she purchased her own house. This milestone not only marked a significant step in her personal life but also granted her the freedom to curate and develop her interior style. Surrounded by blank canvases and empty spaces, she found inspiration in the elegance of bygone eras and the allure of thoughtfully designed objects. Each piece tells a story, carrying with it a unique character that resonated with her. This newfound appreciation for the artistry embedded in design fueled her illustrations, as she sought to capture the essence of these treasures in her work.
Her illustrations seamlessly blend the nostalgia of vintage aesthetics with a contemporary twist, creating a visual language that transcends time. Whether it's nods to graphic details from the 1920s and 1930s era or the graceful lines of a mid-century lamp, every element in her compositions reflects a deep love of past craftsmanship.
Beyond her freelance endeavors, Irene also lends her expertise as a Senior Project Manager, showcasing her ability to navigate complex projects with finesse and proficiency. Her skillful balance between her creative pursuits and managerial responsibilities stands as a testament to her versatile capabilities and her commitment to excellence in all facets of her professional endeavors.
Adding the finishing touch to this artistic tableau, Irene's faithful feline companion plays a pivotal role in making the picture complete.
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2016 – 2017 / 2021 – Now | Kunstacademie Haarlem, KHL 
Year course in Classic Painting
2010 – 2014 | University of the Arts, ArtEZ
Bachelor of Design – Illustration Design Graduated 
2006 – 2010  | Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, GLU
Multimedia Design – Graduated
+31 (0)6 15 54 62 18
KVK: 85611565
BTW: NL004120931B32
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