Irene Linders, born in the most southern area of the Netherlands, Heerlen. 
She spent most of her time drawing and painting, replicate whatever she finds interesting. Now, many years later, Irene runs an atelier were she goes for the drive in her life, working as an illustrator and artist on a mixture of commercial and personal projects. 
Irene's refined style, plays with the interaction between shape, movement, and tone. With a background in digital & graphic design, specialised in creating illustrations for the digital realm. That includes commercial illustration, brand illustration, editorial illustrations & icons. 
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I introduce myself as a new Illustrator on the playground and hope you want to support me as my business agent.
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2016 – 2017      Kunstacademie Haarlem, KHL
                         Year course in Classic Painting

2010 – 2014      University of the Arts, ArtEZ
                         Bachelor of Design – Illustration Design Graduated 

2006 – 2010     Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht, GLU
                         Bachelor of Multimedia Design – Graphic Design Graduated
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